FAQ: Empire of the Ghouls: A 5th Edition Campaign vs. the Undead
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Is this an update of the D&D 3.5 Empire of the Ghouls? Or the 1996 "Kingdom of the Ghouls" from Dungeon magazine?

It is more the first than the second. The magazine “Kingdom” piece shares an author and themes with the Empire from 3.5, but the two are otherwise entirely separate adventures.

This version roughly doubles the page count of the 3.5 version, and uses a similar underdark map. However, it assumes that the ghouls failed in their plots of the 3.5 version, and presents an entirely new storyline, new monsters, new magic, and new twists. At the time of the 3.5 version, Kobold Press was a very new company, and so that work is also only modestly illustrated in B&W.

Basically, this uses the same locations and the same ghoul culture, but tells and entirely different story on a much larger scale and with much better design, editing, playtest, and graphics.

Familiarity of the prior version of “Empire” is not required in any way to run this campaign.

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Why don't I get all of my PDFs at the same time?

PDF fulfillment will occur in two stages. For the products that are already released and purchased as add-ons, we will fulfill those immediately through BackerKit. However, for PDFs that are part of the Empire of the Ghouls KickStarter (the Empire Settings Guide PDF, Underworld Player’s Guide PDF, and Underworld Lairs PDF), we will be fulfilling those through the Kobold Press Store after they become available, which will align more closely to when we ship our printed products of the same item.

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Why does my shipping cost jump when I add an additional item?

For US shipping, costs increment per printed item. For non-US shipping, there are two cost categories, 1.81 kilograms (64 ounces) and under and then everything else. In this case, 65 ounces and above can see a significant price increase.

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Why am I being charged $1.25 shipping for a digital only order?

From time to time, we try new approaches to address pain points in earlier Kickstarters. For Empire of the Ghouls, we are implementing one such change. To enable better support and new deliver models for digital assets (for example, partial fulfillment through BackerKit), we’ve applied a small $1.25 charge to digital orders. This charge shows up as a shipping fee in BackerKit at checkout time. However, it is a fee to cover fulfillment and customer support.

A similar $1.25 fee is rolled into products that physically ship, but backers will not see it as it rolled into the calculated shipping fee. This fee allows us to cover packaging and handling, which is so critical in the delivery of print products. It also allows us to more precisely align our shipping costs in the US, which often results in lower shipping costs.

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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